Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct Guidelines


This Code of Conduct is to help ensure that all persons working for or appointed to the GMPCC understand the constraints related to their work as GMPCC moves towards a formalized process of accountability. Our ability to achieve and maintain respect in the Community we serve depends upon the trust, confidence and respect of GMPCC.

Application of the Code of Conduct:

This Code of Conduct applies to all individuals who are responsible for the governance of or are employed or retained by GMPCC, including its Board Members, Management Committee members, Committee Members, and employees (referred to in this Code collectively as “GMPCC Personnel” and individually as “GMPCC Person”). It also includes expert reviewers, consultants, and other contractors who provide services or goods to GMPCC.

Code of Conduct Guidelines:

All GMPCC Board Members, Management Committee members, General Director, Secretary Treasurer, Assistant General Director, personnel and summer staff as well as all contractors will:

  1. Comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations of federal, provincial, and municipal governments, and other appropriate private and public regulatory agencies, as well as with GMPCC’s policies and procedures.
  2. Act in good faith with due care, competence and diligence, without misrepresenting material facts or allowing one’s independent judgment to be subordinated.
  3. Respect the confidentiality of information acquired in the course of one’s work and will not use the information for personal advantage or gain. To that end the confidential material will not be reproduced in any form or stored in an external retrieval system and/or database without the prior written consent of GMPCC.
  4. Respect the privacy rights of other GMPCC Personnel and GMPCC Contractors. Applicant Curriculum Vitae, applicant lists and all relevant information are the property of GMPCC. Any restricted, confidential or internal information on an Applicant, GMPCC Personnel, GMPCC Contractor or the GMPCC will not be disclosed except when authorized or otherwise legally obligated to disclose.
  5. Share knowledge and maintain skills important and relevant to performing his/her responsibilities.
  6. Proactively promote ethical behavior as a responsible partner among peers and treat all persons with dignity and respect in the work environment and community.
  7. Respect equal opportunity in all dealings and abide by human rights legislation.
  8. Contribute to a safe, healthy and secure workplace free from discrimination and harassment.
  9. Make responsible use of and control over all assets and resources employed or entrusted by the GMPCC.
  10. Be accountable for adhering to this Code.

Acknowledgement of the code:

At least once a year, the Code of Conduct will be reviewed by each GMPCC Person and they will sign off acknowledgement of having reviewed and understood the guidelines and their compliance as per the attached form in Schedule “A”. In the case of GMPCC Contractors, compliance with this Code will be a condition of their respective contracts with GMPCC.

Post Employment:

At the end of employment or contract with GMPCC, the GMPCC Person and the GMPCC Contractor shall return to GMPCC all documents containing confidential information. For the purposes of this Code, “document” means any material that contains confidential information and includes, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, any papers, notebook, register, tape, cassette, diskette, data bank, computer listing, photograph, negative, video, film or compact disk.


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