SERSC Equipment

The Argo

This amphibious all-terrain vehicle is the most productive of our fleet. It resembles a tank due to its tracked wheel system and skid steering mechanics. The tracks reduce the ground pressure of less than 0.5 psi, making the vehicle excellent for travel through the muddy marshes of the Petitcodiac River.

Ponds and channels pose no problem since the vehicle floats and can propel itself through small bodies of water.

The broadcast spreader mounted on the rear can be calibrated to distribute the desired amount of Larvicides to the breeding grounds.

John Deere Gator

This is the most popular trail vehicle for the park systems. There is adequate cargo space and ease of operation. The Gator can also be used to transport materials to hand application teams.


Air Turbine

The turbine is mounted on a backpack frame and is capable of spreading larvicides up to 25 feet away from the operator. This equipment can be utilized in areas such as roadside ditches and small marshy areas.



The most effective means of applying the larvicides is still by hand. This allows the applicators to apply Bt to only those areas that require it, ensuring adequate and justified applications.