Revision to the 2020 GMPCC Larviciding Program



As a result of the recent Covid19 epidemic, we have revised the larviciding activities of the Tri-Community mosquito control program for 2020 in order to comply with the social distancing requirements of the Province.

  • The program will begin on May 4th and it will be restricted to the major marshes of Dieppe, Moncton and Riverview and the mosquito breeding habitat within specific water retention impoundments.
  • We will review the status of the Provincial restrictions on June 1st; and should we be in a position to operate under the revised restrictions, we will resume our regular operations. We would resume larviciding trails, parks and sport facilities within the Tri-Community. However, if we are unable to satisfy the revised restrictions, we would have to consider working under a reduced capacity for the remainder of the summer and continue to provide coverage to the major marshes within Dieppe, Moncton and Riverview. Given the physical space available at our operating center, we may not be in a position to ensure the social distancing protection required to assure the safety of our staff should we move to a full complement.

If we are unable to meet the revised safety requirements of the Province by June 15th, we will have to consider terminating 60% of our summer staff and continue to provide larviciding to the major marshes within the Tri-Community.

Additional information on the resumption of our program will be available on our web site as it becomes available

April 24th, 2020