The Greater Moncton Pest Control Commission

The City of Moncton first initiated mosquito control efforts in 1954. This effort was continued by the City of Moncton until 1961 when the Greater Moncton Mosquito Control Authority was formed. This brought about a cooperative effort among the municipalities of Moncton, Dieppe and Riverview to control mosquitoes and mosquito breeding habitats. In 1983, the organization was restructured and incorporated as the Greater Moncton Pest Control Commission, which also brought about Provincial financial contributions for control of strategic unincorporated areas.

In the early days, mosquito control relied heavily on volunteer efforts. Up to 30 area captains and 300 volunteers would conduct larvae surveillance and control efforts. Originally control measures consisted of aerial application of DDT, burning marsh grasses and chemical fogging to control adult populations. Through diligent monitoring efforts, mosquito control staff often found older methods of control to be unsuitable before government regulators discovered problems. For example, the use of DDT was discontinued because of its harmful environmental effects before government regulators banned its use.

The Commission now employs up to 15 university students each year, most of which are biology students. Environmental monitoring continues to be a major part of each year’s efforts. Control measures still rely heavily on field surveys for larva development but control measures continue to improve in their specific control of mosquito larvae.

For more information on the work of the Greater Moncton Pest Control Commission, or how you can play a part in mosquito control, contact us at (506) 859-2605.